Moving a 9 ft Concrete Tree...

Hello everyone!  

I'm helping build and mosaic a 9 ft concrete tree for Sherri Warner Hunter that will be going to a park in Memphis. We had little humans at an elementary school go to the park and draw various types of animals that lived in the area. The tree will depict 4 seasons and the animals that the small humans drew in mosaic form. 

We recently finished putting the last layer of concrete on the tree and had to reposition it around the studio... and that is no small task. Here are some pictures of how we moved this huge tree. 


Working in Bell Buckle

Hi everyone! I've been working in Bell Buckle, Tennessee for Sherri Warner Hunter,  a concrete artist, for the past few months. We have been working on pieces that are going all over the USA. Here are some pictures of a few pieces that we finished the mosaics on recently. 

These chairs and adorable otters will be going out to California where they will be installed in a park. 


Happy New Year !

There is no better way to end 2015 and start 2016 than to be in the studio! Here are some in progress shots of a collaboration piece I am doing with Robert Alan Whitacre. I'm excited to see how this one will turn out! 

Shed series in progress shot.

Shed series right hand detail. 

Shed series left hand detail.

I hope everyone has a peaceful 2016 and don't forget to do at least one thing on your bucket list! 


Mt. Adams Art Walk!

Hanging out at the Mt. Adams Pavillion for the art walk! If you're in the Cincinnati area stop by to look at some awesome art and grab a drink! We'll be here until 6pm today!


Empty (joe)

He's been painted and is almost ready for the show! (March 13th) I just need to finish up a few details to make sure he's perfect. 



In progress life cast piece! This one will be a part of a series called empty that I am currently working on for my senior thesis.